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KidzPlay Operator Training and Rules


      2. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children or persons while at KidzPlay.

      3. Children cannot be dropped off or unattended.

      4. Parents/Guardians are ride operators and must make sure kids follow these rules:

        • No turning flips, due to possibility of neck injuries

        • Do not enter or exit bounce standing up (crawl in on hands and knees or sitting only)

        • Must be considerate of kids that are smaller

        • Do not jump down slides (feet first only)

        • Do not walk up slides

        • Do not go down slide head first (feet first only)

        • Not allowed in restricted areas around inflatable’s

        • Kids should not push or pull on others

        • Do not climb over sides of inflatable’s

        • Do not jump off the sides of inflatable’s

      5. Parents and Children must obey signs and rules posted at the entrance of each inflatable:

        Occupancy, safety rules, weight limits, etc....

      6. No food or drinks in the inflatable area.

      7. Parents must clean up behind their Children (example: food and drinks or bodily fluids).

        - KidzPlay associates will assist. Please notify an associate to help.

      8. If any inflatable starts to deflate. Immediately ask children to exit the inflatable.

        - Report it to the nearest KidzPlay associate.

      9. Socks only, no shoes.

      10. NO eye glasses, jewelry, belt buckles, or any sharp objects in pockets

      11. Please use common sense!

      12. But Most of All HAVE FUN!!!!!

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